Meet Staci.

As an Aging Navigator, I specialize in helping families and individuals to navigate the aging journey. I educate and empower my clients from the time of a terminal diagnosis until the end-of-life transition.

As Memory Care Director and a professional in the hospice industry, I learned first-hand the challenges families and individuals encounter during the aging process. I created different approaches to care management, care partner training and education, and the end-of-life journey.

Let me be your advocate and voice of reason! I can help interpret your loved one’s actions and behaviors that might be misunderstood or confusing. I can educate you on the proper language to use with your healthcare team. In addition, I will show you how to have a positive relationship with hospice and build your awareness of non-verbal communication you may encounter along the way.

I am an independent consultant with Teepa Snow and certified Positive Approach® to Care trainer and consultant, graduate of the Rosalyn Carter Institute of Caregiving, and have received education and training as an End-of-Life Doula. I have created a person-centered approach to senior care and would be honored to work with you.